Hello Armidale and surrounds!

We are a small, young family business, run from our little house in Armidale.

We like to live a simple, frugal life and want to share what we know with our community. We started Armidale Eco Supplies to make it easier and more affordable for our community to access every day, eco-friendly items.

We sell at lower than recommended retail price, because we truly want to get these products out there and make your homes more eco-friendly. 

We stock brands that are contributing positive change to our world. So when you buy from us, you are getting a good deal for your family and are supporting positive brands such as: Who Gives a Crap, Eco Cheeks, Brush it On, Ecyo, Ethique, Loving Earth, Sunbutter Skincare, People 4 Ocean (and more!).

Every little bit really does matter, and we can all do our bit for a better world.