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Dr Planet

Castile Soap Concentrate 1 Litre Container UNSCENTED

Castile Soap Concentrate 1 Litre Container UNSCENTED

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Dr Planet Castile soap harks back to a time when life was lived with purer ingredients with less toll on our planet.

It is a fresh and pure soap that is achieved with the main ingredient of Victorian cold pressed olive oil, and a little castor and coconut oil. Better ingredients give a better clean, and care better for our planet.

 Dr Planet Castile soap can:

*Wash your Body

*Shampoo your hair

*Clean all your bathroom surfaces including your bath and shower

*Wash your clothes in your machine and by hand (a great soaker too)

*Wash your dishes, by hand and in the dishwasher

*Mop your floors

*Clean your toilet

*Bath your pets

*Clean your car

Use to make your own surface spray and cleaning paste.

 Use directly, or dilute to your chosen DIY recipe.


The Unscented formula is great for extra sensitive skin types. 

Unscented Dr Planet also provides an excellent base should you like to add your own essential oils at a 1% essential oil to soap ratio. Some essential oils may make Dr Planet thicker or more watery consistency, this will not affect Dr Planet's performance as great cleaning soap.

About Dr Planet:

- Proudly located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

- Palm Oil free

- No preservatives

A vinyl label that is water and UV resistant is used on the containers, so that you can keep reusing and refilling the bottle for years. 

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