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Viva La Body

Solid Deodorant

Solid Deodorant

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Deodorant without the plastic packaging.

  • Natural magnesium enriched stick deodorant neutralises odour & absorbs wetness
  • Aluminium and bi-carb free
  • Fab for under arm sensitive skin
  • Glides on with a smooth powdery finish without damaging the balance of your natural microbiome
  • No plastic & fully compostable! Great for your pits! Great for the environment! Vegan and Zero Waste!

Patchouli RoseSweet and musky.
Lemon Myrtle, Aniseed and Cinnamon : A gorgeous herbal combination.
Sensitive Neutral :  This blend has been designed for those with sensitive skin and is free of added essential oils, holds a neutral scent and is bi-carb free
Spearmint, Sage and Lemongrass : Refreshing!

About the Maker:
Viva La Body is a Darwin based husband and wife duo named Micko and Jo. They started Viva La Body in 1999, a venture that started at their kitchen bench! Viva La Body are Australia's first true zero waste, sustainable beauty brand - all of the packaging is completely compostable - no jars or tins even leftover! 

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